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At Hypersonic Trucking, we offer superior Dispatching Services and we operate with honesty and transparency. We have developed a very simple pricing model and process that allows us to work professionally in this capacity. 

As part of our services, we not only identify loads that help you meet your financial goals, but we track trip documents from shippers and receivers and submit them to your preferred factoring vendor for processing in a timely manner so you get paid as soon as possible. 

We also communicate with Brokers to ensure payment for detentions, layovers, and TONUs. And we will document and follow up on overages, shortages, or refusals. 

You can trust us to keep your trucks rolling and work with Brokers to get you the best rates available.

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Working with Hypersonic offers privileges! When you work with us, you will earn more profit be in a position to pay your drivers more, which helps with retention.
Our unique dispatching process saves time, money and miles. Learn more about our competitive advantages and what you can expect when you work with us.

We would like to work with and keep your trucks rolling so we can keep your profits growing. Click the button to connect with us and complete the contact form. We will reach out to you in order to discuss your financial goals, and the driving radius, hours you want to work each week.

We Dispatch the Hypersonic Way!

Have you been told by a dispatch service, “We’ll have a load ready when your truck is empty” only to discover that your driver ended up with no load, a lot of empty miles to pick up the load, or a low rate because of last minute booking? Or have you been told, “Call us back in 30 minutes and we’ll have a load for you”, only for your driver to end up with an overnight stay in a city they hate? Perhaps is this lie that has been told to you – “We are available 24 hours a day to help if your driver has any trouble on the road”, only to realize the dispatcher closed at four and plans to be away for the weekend.

At Hypersonic Trucking, we operate with integrity. We honor our word, conduct transparent conversations and assign a Personal Dispatch Assistant to every driver who really is available to call 24/7 while your truck is transporting a load that we dispatched for you. And that’s the truth!

When we say we “Dispatch the Hypersonic Way”, we mean that we book loads in advance and work very hard to eliminate empty miles. Drivers will know about a new load while they are still on the road delivering a load, we booked for you. Our advanced booking system keeps your truck rolling. We over communicate to keep you informed throughout each trip. No more worries about contacting dispatch if something happens or if you have questions.

Lady CDL Truck Driver
Happy CDL Truck Driver

No Forced Dispatch

Since safety is our primary concern, we pay attention to your request and needs when we book loads for you or your fleet.  We don’t have forced dispatch. That means we will never ask you to travel outside of your normal region of service unless you decide to do so.  When we dispatch for your fleet, or for an owner-operator, every driver will be assigned their Personal Dispatch Assistant is responsible to know your company and build a relationship with the drivers they will dispatch. Our Personal Dispatch Assistants are equipped with a Carrier Profile which indicates preference about what’s important to you and your drivers. This is part of the process when you sign up with Hypersonic Trucking. This information form ask you in which states you want to operate your trucks. They will also be given a Dispatch Operating Guide so thy have all the particulars about your company, the truck we are booking for and the driver who will operate the truck. These documents will be provided prior to the starting the load booking process to ensure you get the loads you want, at an acceptable rate. We gather all this information from you so that we will have a clear understanding of how best to serve you with dispatch services.

We also care about your work/life balance. If you permit us, we will contact each drive and complete a Driver Profile so that we will book loads that work for them and try to create a route that brings them back home when they need or want to spend time with their families. We work in an advance mode and get them where they want to be. 

Our Exceptional Dispatch Services

We employ and train each Personal Dispatch Assistant (PDA) on our team. They are well equipped, organized and possess excellent communication skills. Our goal is to assign each driver to a PDA who will be with them throughout their trip regardless of the time of day or night. Utilizing our PDAs, we offer a unique set of dispatch services to include:

  • Building relationships with Brokers
  • Negotiating solid rates for loads
  • Securing advance loads and working with drivers regarding scheduling plans
  • Pre-planning routes and helping with any necessary route changes
  • Preparing dispatch documents accurately
  • Working with drivers to assist with on-the-road services such as locating low fuel enroute, emergency and non-emergency calls
  • Constant communication with drivers, dispatchers and shippers and relaying accurate pickup and delivery times
  • Reviewing all BOLs and supporting documents to ensure they are  completed correctly and submitted for factoring
  • Reviewing driver’s logs for accuracy
  • Maintaining a record of all communications throughout each trip
  • Maintaining a good knowledge of transportation regulations along routes
  • Identifying solutions should a problem arise with pickup or delivery
  • Maintaining excellent record system for all loads, trucks, companies and drivers