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Welcome to Hypersonic Trucking, LLC

Hypersonic Trucking is a transportation and dispatch service company located in the Metro Atlanta Area. From the start, and as it is today, we are super focused on working smart and maintaining safety. Our main objective is to keep trucks rolling, reduce costs and build sustainable relationships with our employees and industry partners. As demanding as this work can be, we make what we do look easy by seamlessly by meeting the needs of our customers every day.

Hypersonic Trucking is committed to safety, efficiency and truly meeting the needs of our customers and employees by demonstrating superior leadership and values of integrity, transparency and reliability. Throughout our short history, we have gained notable skills in the area of communication, negotiation and relationship building.

At Hypersonic Trucking, we keep our trucks rolling. We have developed a method of advanced booking and can move approximately 48 loads per month with our own trucks and a couple of owner operators that we currently dispatch. Our unique strategy for dispatching helps lower overhead costs and increase booking rates while we work to decrease empty miles and reduce our carbon footprint. For these reasons, and many others, owner operators have been requesting our dispatch services.

What We Do Well

Dry Van Goods Transportation

Dispatch Dry Van Trucks

On-The-Road Admin Support

Dry vans are our way of transporting goods from state to state in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective for your business.

Because we book loads in advance, we often get higher rates which means higher profit and paydays for your drivers.

Each driver has a person virtually traveling with them along the route for each load – a Personal Dispatch Assistant.