Learn About Hypersonic Trucking Dispatch Services

About Us

Hypersonic Trucking, LLC is a woman owned and operated enterprise that was formed in 2018 and has been successful proving freight transportation services throughout the US. We operate in all 48 of the contiguous United States and travel close to 500,000 miles per year. 

Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA Hypersonic Trucking has served a variety of industries including manufacturing, auto and  perishable/non-perishable goods. We have primarily served retailers and big box partners such as Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart, Target, Publix, Dollar General and Kroger.  We are adamant about carefully delivering all products undamaged and on schedule with every load.

Hypersonic Trucking is committed to safety, efficiency and truly meeting the needs of our customers and employees by demonstrating superior leadership and values of integrity, transparency and reliability. Throughout our short history, we have gained notable skills in the area of communication, negotiation and relationship building.

At Hypersonic Trucking, we keep our trucks rolling. We have developed a method of advanced booking and can move approximately 48 loads per month with our own trucks and a couple of owner operators that we currently dispatch. Our unique strategy for dispatching helps lower overhead costs and increase booking rates while we work to decrease empty miles and reduce our carbon footprint. For these reasons, and many others, owner operators have been requesting our dispatch services.

We are also proud of the work we have done to create administrative procedures that organize and streamline the tasks associated with managing the back office of our trucking company. We spend less time with freight shipping documents, because we use a set of online apps collaboratively for easy document management.

We attribute our success to our ability to master both dispatch services and office administration. Our operations are so effective, that we have decided to expand our business model to offer dispatch and administrative serves and to other companies to help them succeed. Hypersonic Trucking is a well-structured organization that is positioned to support the development of  transportation, trucking and logistics companies.

We are excited about our future and the partnerships we will acquire with trucking industry management teams who need support to grow and increase proficiency. Our goal is to lead, teach and relieve the burdens that hinder business stability and success. We call this doing business the “Hypersonic Way.”